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  • Florida NPL 2016-17 Club Teams
    U12 Boys (05's) Chargers SC (1) B05
    U12 Boys (05's) Chargers SC (2) B05
    U13 Boys (04's) Chargers SC U13 Boys (04's)
    U14 Boys (03's) Chargers SC U14 Boys (03's)
    U15 Boys (02's) Chargers SC U15 Boys (02's)
    U16 Boys (01's) Chargers SC U16 Boys (01's)
    U17 Boys (00's) Chargers SC U17 Boys (00's)
    U18/19 Boys (99/98's) Chargers SC U18 Boys
    U12 Girls (05's) Chargers SC U12 G05
    U13 Girls (04's) Chargers SC CSC U13 Girls (04's)
    U14 Girls (03's) Chargers SC U14 Girls (03's)
    U15 Girls (02's) Chargers SC U15 Girls (02's)
    U16 Girls (01's) Chargers SC U16 Girls (01's)
    U17 Girls (00's) Chargers SC U17 Girls (00's)
    U18/19 Girls (99/98s) Chargers SC U18 Girls (99's)
      Club Field Directions
    Chargers 30th Street Fields Field 1 Chargers 30th Street Fields Field 2 Countryside Sports Complex Field 1
    Ed Radice Park Field 3 Ed Radice Park Field 5 Ed Radice Park Field 6
    Ed Radice Park Field 7 Eddie C. Moore Field 2 Glen Oaks Park East Field
    Glen Oaks Park Field 1 Glen Oaks Park Field 2 JC Handly Fields Field 2
    JC Handly Fields Field 3 JC Handly Fields Field 5 JC Handly Fields Field 7
    Premier Sports Campus Field 1 Premier Sports Campus Field 2 Premier Sports Campus Field 3
    Premier Sports Campus Field 4 Tampa 1
      Club Contact Information
      Rob O'Nan 

    Registrar and Game reports/rosters
      Susan Moorhead 

    Boys Director
      Peter Mannino 

    Club Director and primary NPL contact
      Peter Mannino 

     (C) 727-224-4681 
    Girls Director of Coaching
      Ed Lynch 

    Referee Assignor
      Ed Pena 

    Business Director
      Kathleen Shelton 

     (C) 813-310-8933 

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