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  • Florida NPL 2016-17 Club Teams
    U13 Boys (04's) Weston FC U13 Boys (04's)
    U14 Boys (03's) Weston FC U14 Boys (03's)
    U15 Boys (02's) Weston FC U15 Boys (02's)
    U16 Boys (01's) Weston FC U16 Boys (01's)
    U17 Boys (00's) Weston FC U17 Boys (00's)
    U18/19 Boys (99/98's) Weston FC U18 Boys
    U18/19 Boys (99/98's) Weston FC U19 Boys
    U12 Girls (05's) Weston FC U12 G05
    U13 Girls (04's) Weston FC WFC U13 Girls (04's)
    U14 Girls (03's) Weston FC U14 Girls (03's)
    U15 Girls (02's) Weston FC U15 Girls (02's)
    U16 Girls (01's) Weston FC U16 Girls (01's)
    U17 Girls (00's) Weston FC U17 Girls (00's)
    U18/19 Girls (99/98s) Weston FC U18 Girls (99's)
      Club Field Directions
    Seminole Soccer Complex Field 9 Vista Park Field 1 Vista Park Field 2
    Vista Park Field 3 Vista Park Field 4
      Club Contact Information
      Steve Ziegler steve.ziegler@avmed.org 

     (C) 954-309-8966 
    Registrar and FNPL club representative
      Christine Thomas christine.thomas@westonfc.org 

     (C) 954-319-3069 
    Boys Director of Coaching
      Juan Carlos Michia jcmichia@gmail.com 

    Girls Director of Coaching
      Carlos Parra parrasoccer@gmail.com 

     (C) 954-612-7917 
    Referee Assignor
      Mike Weber soccerassigning@yahoo.com 

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